CSR Activies


TIDESQUARE is pursuing
a strategy to become
the #1 lifestyle company.

TIDESQUARE is the leading travel technology company in South Korea offering FIT to
corporate travel services. Based on specialized information and advanced IT skills,
TIDESQUARE rapidly advanced into the top 5 Korean travel agencies in 7 years.

TIDESQUARE has built a solid community of corporate and leisure travelers through
the strength of “PRIVIA Travel” operated in close partnership with Hyundaicard,
the #1 credit card in terms of brand reputation, as well as “Tourvis”, a leading corporate
business travel and corporate membership shopping mall the services the SK Group,
one of Korea’s top 3 conglomerates.

TIDESQUARE has actively invested in startups such as Playwings and Allstay, developing
smart travel systems and intelligent flight search and reservation services.
Selected as a family friendly excellent company by the government for 5 consecutive years,
TIDESQUARE offers a variety of welfare benefits for employees such as tuition grants,
in-company library, discounted rates on resorts & airfares and is a strong advocate
for CSR initiatives.

Korea's Fastest
Growing Online
Travel Agency

Recording double digit growth in airline and hotel sales,
TIDESQUARE is the fastest growing OTA in South Korea.
In terms of total sales, CAGR increased 35.5% for airline and 45.6% for hotel.

*CAGR: Compounded Annual Growth Rate

  • Average YoY sales increase

2018 February,
BSP Top 5 Ranking

Source: The Korea Travel Times

performance not include

Ranking, Travel agency, BSP, Year-on-Yea increase rate
Ranking Travel agency BSP Year-on-Year increase rate
1 Hanatour 1,475 -6.3 %
2 Modetour 942 -7.4 %
3 Interpark Tour 790 -13.7 %
4 YBTOUR 581 18.9 %
5 TIDESQUARE 388 22.3 %
6 Onlinetour 281 -17.1 %
7 Redcap Tour 281 4.8 %
8 Hotel Shilla 267 7645.1 %
9 Lotte JTB 235 27.6 %
10 Verygoodtour 182 -8.7 %


Korea's No. 1 Travel Technology Company supporting
all points of the customer journey

a new

Investing in
technology to
advance the
travel industry

with domestic
and international

satisfaction with
and reliable service

Company Culture

TIDESQUARE strives to create a positive corporate culture, providing
volunteer activities and travel opportunities to employees.

  • CSR Activities
    2013 ~ 2016 Participation in donation and delivery of Briquette
    2016. 11 Participation in Volunteer Relay Race
    2015. 04 Nepal Earthquake Relief Donation
    2017. 11 Pohang Earthquake Relief Donation
    2018. 11 Indonesia Earthquake Relief Donation
    2019. 04 Gangwon-do Forest fire Relief Donation
    2019. 06 Gangwon-do Forest fire Recovery Support
    2019. 06 Participation in 3km turtlerace to support Social Sports for the Disabled
    2018 ~ 2019 Donation and support for GoodPeople’s Child Support Program

    Participation in Turtlerace to support Social Sports for the Disabled

  • Employee Travel Opportunities
    2018-2019 “Around the World” Trip
    2019 “Live Abroad for 1 Month”
    Regularly provides hotel vouchers and travel opportunities
    through various events

    "Around the World" Trip Winner's Route