[Press Release] TIDESQUARE & Korean Air announces partnership, mileage accrual for hotel reservation

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TIDESQUARE and Korean Air steps up to the next level, new mileage accrual partnership.


TIDESQUARE, leading online travel agency and travel tech company in Korea, is partnering with Korean Air on mileage

accrual and now SKYPASS members can accumulate mileage through hotel bookings. It follows the same scheme of travel

agencies offering membership points when travel purchases are made. In the same prospect, the membership points are

replaced with mileage points.


Through the partnership, TIDESQUARE is offering Korean Airs SKYPASS members mileage accrual, where members can 

redeem up to 1,500 mileage points when they book hotels on TIDESQUAREs online travel sites

Hyundai Card PRIVIA Travel and TOURVIS. The amount of earning mileage points is divided into three spectrums,

depending on the amount of purchase. Hotels with room-rate ranging from 50,000 won to 200,000 won per night-stay may

redeem 100 mileages, while ranging between 200,000 won to 400,000 won may redeem 200 mileages, and hotels for

more than 400,000-won can redeem 300 mileages. The mileage is then accumulated for the total number of nights of stay.

For example, when 500,000 KRW is paid for 2 nights, a total of 400 miles (200 miles X 2 nights) are earned.


Specifically, on PRIVIA Travel, exclusive brand services are also offered to Hyundai Card members where they can

simultaneously redeem M-points for the hotel purchase, up to 20% worth of price. Additional discount of 3-5% is provided for the hotel bookings when flight purchase is made. For TOURVIS, the company provides customers 10% discount coupon on

their first hotel booking and additional 3% hotel discount coupon on flight ticket purchase. In addition, to provide

more convenient services to members, TIDESQUARE operates the special task force for mileage seat upgrades

when customers are planning a vacation.


Yoon Min, CEO of TIDESQUARE said We are pleased to be the strategic partner for Korean Air. Through the partnership,

we plan to strengthen the connection between travel products and introduce a new trend in the industry, creating diverse

promotions and providing differentiated services to members of the both businesses.


Additional information on Korean Air mileage accrual can be found on Hyundai Card PRIVIA Travel and TOURVIS


*TIDESQUARE (www.tidesquare.com)

TIDESQUARE Co., Ltd is the leading OTA and travel technology company in Korea, rapidly advancing into the top 5
travel agencies in seven years since the founding in 2009.
The company has been operating Hyundai Card PRIVIA Travel, synonymous with premium travel in Korea, and
expanded its footprint in online travel and business travel management business by acquiring SK TOURVIS in 2017.
At the forefront of South Korea’s travel technology sector, TIDESQUARE has responded to rapid changes in the
industry through active investment in the travel 
start-ups that adopt the latest travel technologies such as Playwings,
and Allstay.