[Press Release] TIDESQUARE, Korea's first NDC-certified travel tech company

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Leading Travel Tech Industry with Global Technology Certification       

TIDESQUARE, Korea’s first NDC Aggregator to step up its leading position
in travel 
technology space


- NDC Capable Level 3 & Aggregator Level 4 Certification, First in Korea

- Improving customer convenience by linking Lufthansa, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, and More to


- Actively promoting NDC Aggregator Business from the Second Half


 TIDESQUARE, highest NDC certification & first in Korea 

TIDESQUARE, the leading online travel agency(OTA) and travel tech company in Korea, 
has received "NDC Capable Level 3" and "NDC Aggregator Level 4" certification from the
International Air Transport Association(IATA), 
proving its expertise in travel technology.

New Distribution Capability(NDC), an IATA-led initiative, is the next generation XML-based technology standard to
book, fulfill and manage both flight and non-air ancillary contents, addressing the inefficiency in airline ticket
distributions.The NDC-enabled OTA features a direct ticketing service between airlines and travel agencies, allowing
passengers to pre-assign seats, add additional baggage, choose in-flight meals, and purchase in-flight 
much more conveniently. 

From early on, TIDESQUARE recognized the importance of NDC and has invested significant time and resources to
acquire the highest level of certification - “NDC Capable Level 3” in 2018 and NDC Aggregator Level 4” in 2019.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, TIDESQUARE continued to integrate both full service carriers(FSC) and
low cost carriers(LCC), and became the only IT provider and aggregator in Korea that can enable travel agencies to 
connect to NDC with easy integration and minimal investment.

Since 2019, TIDESQUARE has been applying NDC technology to its online travel platform “TOURVIS” and provided
competitive fares as well as value-added services directly from Lufthansa, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Jin Air,
and the other worldwide airlines. This year, the company is about to add more airlines,
including American Airlines
and Emirates Airline, and actively roll out NDC aggregator business from the second half.

Jun Shin, the CSO of TIDESQUARE, noted "NDC has been gaining momentum recently and will have reached
critical mass for adoption next year. Increasingly airlines, OTA and Travel Management Company(TMC) show interest
in NDC more than ever due to unmatched benefits and convenience for travel providers and customers alike.
In particular, the importance of NDC aggregator is rising because there are only a few IT providers with the development
capability and expertise in the new technology, hence TIDESQUARE as NDC aggregator is coming into the big picture.
From 2H of this year, we will carry out various development project with domestic and foreign partners and
strengthen our 
competitiveness as a Travel Tech company.

*TIDESQUARE (www.tidesquare.com)

TIDESQUARE Co., Ltd is the leading OTA and travel technology company in Korea, rapidly advancing into the top 5
travel agencies in seven years since the founding in 2009.
The company has been operating Hyundai Card PRIVIA Travel, synonymous with premium travel in Korea, and
expanded its footprint in online travel and business travel management business by acquiring SK TOURVIS in 2017.
At the forefront of South Korea’s travel technology sector, TIDESQUARE has responded to rapid changes in the
industry through active investment in the travel 
start-ups that adopt the latest travel technologies such as Playwings,
and Allstay.