[Press Release] TIDESQUARE, launched Kakao T Air Service in partnership with Kakaomobility

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TIDESQUARE, launched Kakao T Air Service in partnership with

-  Released Kakao T Air service in partnership with Kakaomobility

-  Domestic flight search, booking, ticketing available

-  Special promotions are planned to celebrate the launch of Kakao T Air Service   



June 17, 2021, TIDESQUARE, which operates an online travel service TOURVIS, will launch 'Kakao T Air’ service',
which allows customers to search, book, and purchase domestic flight tickets within Kakao T application in
cooperation with Kakao mobility.


TIDESQUARE has partnered with more than 100 airlines around the world to easily and quickly check air fares
from economy to business class, and has invested in NDC technology to offer ‘rich’ contents such as additional
baggage, in-flight meals and entertainment services.

NDC is a technology standard led by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to make it easier to book,
fulfill and manage both flight and non-air ancillary contents, addressing the inefficiency in airline ticket


Customers can check the special fares and available seats of flights linked to TIDESQUARE at a glance when
searching and booking tickets on Kakao T Air. Kakao T Air is characterized by convenience to check the
information required for the entire long distance route at once on Kakao T, in addition to basic and simple ticket
If you enter only the destination city name, Kakao T will recommend the nearest departure and
arrival airport based on your current location, and you will be able to get the guidance on the appropriate means of 
transportation for the entire route until you reach your final destination from the departure point.

Passenger information can be stored up to 30 people in advance, and installment payment function is
introduced when paying more than 50,000 won, which improves booking and payment convenience.

Kakao T will start service from Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, Air Busan, Air Seoul, and Tway, and will
expand services into booking international flights and linked transportation in the future.


"We are continuing to strengthen our competitiveness as a travel tech company, such as commercializing NDC, a new
flight ticket distribution standard, acquiring the highest level of NDC certification (Aggregator Level 4),

which is the first in Korea, and utilizing big data," said Yoon Min, CEO of TIDESQUARE. "We will actively utilize
the resources and capabilities we have to raise our customer experience throughout the travel journey when
using Kakao T."


TIDESQUARE is also running a domestic relay discount promotion in July for the launch of Kakao T Air Service,



TIDESQUARE Co., Ltd is the leading OTA and travel technology company in Korea, rapidly having advanced into
the top 5 travel agencies in seven years since the founding in 2009.

The company has been operating Hyundai Card PRIVIA Travel, synonymous with premium travel in Korea, and
expanded its footprint in online travel and business travel management business by acquiring SK TOURVIS
in 2017. 
At the forefront of South Korea’s travel technology sector, TIDESQUARE has responded to rapid changes
in the industry through active investment in the travel start-ups that adopt the latest travel technologies
such as Playwings, Kyte, and Allstay.


*NDC(New Distribution Capability)

XML-based next-generation technology standard for ticket reservation, issuance, and cancellation led by IATA.

NDC platform - direct linkage between airlines and travel agencies, enables customers to select differentiated
services such as seat assignment, luggage addition, in-flight meal selection, Wi-Fi, as well as in-flight
entertainment. Using the NDC standard, travel agents are able to offer personalized products with low rates.
In order for an airline or travel corporation to provide NDC service, a company is required to either obtain NDC
level 3 certification through investment in technology development or convert level 4 Aggregator certification
with an IT provider.