[Press Release] TIDESQUARE, NDC partnership with Hawaiian Airlines

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Direct API connect with global airline provides personalized travel services
TIDESQUARE, NDC partnership with Hawaiian Airlines strengthens global presence

-Connection to HA Connect API with Hawaiian Airlines grants customized services and access to HA Channel+ content.

-Active promotion of NDC Aggregator business brings continuous partnership of global airlines

-Access to Hawaii inter-island and U.S. domestic flight booking services

Dec 15, 2021, TIDESQUARE, a leading travel tech company in Korea has become a Hawaiian Airlines HA Connect

Approved Partner and will offer HA Channel+ content in its aggregation platform further strengthening its position as a

global leader in the travel tech sector.

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is an XML-based next-generation distribution innovation for airline ticket reservation,

issuing and canceling. In order to obtain NDC content, one must either connect directly to an airline or partner with

aggregator which is capable to manage and operate the NDC standard. TIDESQUARE has partnered with Hawaiian

Airlines leveraging its expertise in fight technology, demonstrated by IATA (International Air Transport Association) ‘NDC

Capable Level 3’ (the highest grade as of 2018) qualification to develop an API platform and ‘NDC Aggregator Level 4’

(the highest grade as of 2019) certified to build and operate the NDC-enabled flight booking service. Joining the

network of HA Connect will bring unique content to TIDESQUARE's travel brand TOURVIS, providing additional

services such as exclusive fare and seat designation and ancillaries. In addition, it will allow users of TIDESQUARE’s

access to all of Hawaiian’s published fare content at the best price available.


Jun Shin, CSO of TIDESQURE, said "TIDESQUARE has been actively promoting the NDC Aggregator business since

2019 and unceasingly expanding its partnership with global airlines such as Hawaiian Airlines. Through this

partnership, TIDESQUARE will gain easier access to Japan and Southeast Asian markets, and differentiated services

will be provided to Hawaiian Airlines customers. In fact, Hawaiian Airlines from April 2022, will recover its cost from

travel agencies choosing to use legacy channels via a distribution cost recovery surcharge in the United States point

of sale, so partner benefits are expected to be highlighted further.” Additionally, he quoted, "In the future, the

full-fledged expansion of NDCs by global airlines, including Hawaiian Airlines, will accelerate distribution efficiency."

*TIDESQUARE (www.tidesquare.com), is a fast growing travel tech company, achieving to become top five

domestic travel agency within 7 years of establishment (BSP standards). TIDESQUARE has been

operating a premium brand ‘Hyundai Card PRIVIA Travel’ providing customized products for high-end

customers. In 2017, TIDESQUARE acquired SK TOURVIS expanding its market share in OTA and

business travel management. In 2020, TIDESQUARE has simultaneously conducted

government-sponsored and setting grounds as a nationally recognized travel platform. Furthermore,

TIDESQUARE runs wide range of brands portfolio applying the latest travel technologies such as

Playwings, Kyte, and Allstay, while developing into an unrivaled travel tech company by acquiring "NDC

Capable Level 3" and "NDC Aggregator Level 4" certification from the International Air Transport

Association (IATA).