[Press Release] Tourvis x Consumer Insight analysis on cost-effective travel trends

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Korean traveller's top picks for value for money travel

Tourvis x Consumer Insight analysis on

cost-effective travel trends

- Japan: #1 destination for first six months of 2024, consecutively

- March and April focus on Tokyo, Osaka and other Japanese cherry blossom destinations        

- May and June strong for Cancun and Honolulu, due to Golden Week long haul travel

- Similar trends reported in Consumer Insight’s “Japan and Thailand: Top Cost-Effective Travel Destinations...

and Korea?” report

- Preference for value-oriented travel with high value for money   



- Hotel check-in data from January to June 2024 on Tourvis 

- Consumer Insight's 2023 analysis of overseas travel value for money by country 



Where should we travel as the weather warms this spring? Where are Korean travellers going during the Golden Week holiday when you can get five days off by using two vacation days? For those planning a trip ahead of the cherry blossom season and the Golden Week holidays, online travel platform Tourvis has released a forecast on

Korean outbound travel trends for the first half of 2024 based on hotel check-in data.


Japan tops the list for six consecutive months, with Cancun and Hawaii strong in May and June

According to Tourvis' analysis of travel trends based on data from the first half of 2024, Japan was the top

country for the sixth consecutive month, accounting for 42% of all bookings from January through June.

This was followed by Vietnam at 9%, the US at 8%, Thailand at 6%, and Guam at 4%. There was minimal

variance in results by city but there was a slight variation in the strongest areas depending on the month.


In January and February, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, and Yufuin were all in the top five, accounting for 31% of all

bookings. This is likely due to the popularity of New Year's and Lunar New Year travel to these hot spring

destinations, which are popular when the weather gets colder.

In March and April, Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Osaka were also in the top five, accounting for 25.5% of all bookings.

Travelers seem to be concentrating on these popular destinations to see the Japanese cherry blossoms, which

begin blooming in mid-March and peak in April.

In May and June, Cancun and Hawaii showed strong growth, ranking first and second in terms of bookings for the second consecutive month. In addition, European cities such as France, Italy, and Spain, as well as vacation

destinations such as Bali and Guam, saw 7-10% month-over-month increases in bookings. With two long holidays in May that allow travelers to take up to five days off if they use two days of vacation, and a long weekend in

June, many people are planning long trips, including honeymoons and early bird summer vacations.

Japan, Thailand ranked as best value for money destinations    

Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Asian destinations continue to remain popular through 2024.

This is due in part to their proximity, but also to the low cost of travel due to low inflation, such as the yen.

ConsumerInsight, a travel research firm released a report in February comparing overseas travel costs and

satisfaction by country in 2023. Japan and Thailand are the top destinations for "low cost and high satisfaction,

" followed by Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Spain.

"Considering the contrasting phenomena of economic downturn and the boom in overseas travel, it is anticipated that there will be an increase in the selection of low-cost, value-for-money destinations in Asia in the future,"

said Dr. Minhwa Kim of Consumer Insights.

Jae-man Jung, Head of Digital Marketing at Tourvis, said, "We agree that cost-effectiveness affects the choice of

travel destinations, and we will continue to identify customer preferences and trends based on various data to

provide optimal services. 



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