[Press Release] TOURVIS unveils 2024 Cultural Travel Project

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Enjoy the Recital of Yunchan Lim and Embark on a Journey to Singapore!

TOURVIS unveils 2024 Cultural Travel Project

-        - Collaborating with renowned pianist Yunchan Lim for a recital in Singapore

-        - Specialized offerings including premium seat tickets, backstage tours, and exclusive programs

-        - Launching cultural travel packages that integrate performances and sightseeing at destination venues

-        - Introduction of TOURVIS package services in April as part of differentiation strategy

-        - Strengthening brand trust and competitiveness via partnerships with various artists



Recently, the popularity of K-classical music has risen to the same level as K-pop. Given the nature of classical

music, which often entails performances on international stages, there has been a growing trend of combining

performance and travel. In response to this trend, Tourvis, an online travel platform, now offers packages that go

beyond just concert attendance. These packages include recitals by the world-renowned pianist Yunchan Lim,

allowing travelers to fully immerse themselves in cultural travel experiences at performance venues.


Unveiling a New Culture of Combining Performances and Sightseeing In Destination

On June 28, 2024, the Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore will host Yunchan Lim's piano recital. Yunchan Lim,

the youngest champion of the Van Cliburn Competition in 2022, has won the hearts of classical music lovers,

earning a massive fan following like an idol. His upcoming release of the Chopin Études album, available for

pre-order, is already a hit, with sold-out performances domestically and internationally. Although tickets for

Yunchan Lim's upcoming June concert sold out quickly, they are available for purchase through TOURVIS.

TOURVIS organized travel packages for cultural travelers, including airfares, accommodations, and local attractions, aligned with the concert schedule. Despite limited availability, reservation rates were slower than individual

ticket sales; yet, cancellation rates remained exceedingly low, at less than 1%. As a result, there is an increasing

expectation about the demand of cultural travelers, who prioritize attending performances or sporting events

before choosing their travel destinations.


Differentiation with Specialized Programs, Including Backstage Tours

TOURVIS has strived for differentiation by providing more than just tickets; it also offers specialized programs

and services. TOURVIS recognizes the concert as the central focus of its offerings and has secured top-tier

seating for Yunchan Lim's performance of Chopin to ensure a vivid appreciation of the performance. Moreover, to foster intimacy with the artists and expectations for the performance, TOURVIS has arranged guided backstage

tours the day before the concert and special lecture programs led by experts on the performance day.

The itinerary for activities beyond the performances has been carefully crafted based on data and preferences

analysis on cultural/ artistic themes-related travel products.

The result is the inclusion of various attractions such as 'National Gallery' - renowned for holding the largest

collection of modern artworks in Singapore and Southeast Asia, guided tours of 'Botanic Gardens' and 'Gardens

by the Bay,' iconic landmarks like the 'Marina Bay Sands Skypark' and 'River Cruise,' as well as famous shopping

districts like 'Orchard Road.' These recommendations cater to diverse interests and ensure a fulfilling travel



Promoting Brand Competitiveness with Tourvis' Exclusive-Themed Products

Setting to officially launch package services in April this year, TOURVIS has adopted various approaches to

products development. One of the strategies is cultural travel, which seeks to experiment with possibilities by

prioritizing potential over immediate profitability. TOURVIS initially entered the cultural travel space with a

3-night, 5-day package featuring tickets to Seong-jin Cho's recital, the first Korean to win the Chopin

Competition in July 2019. Unfortunately, the package was suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the same


However, after reevaluating its product offerings this year, TOURVIS has reintroduced and expanded its themed

packages, beginning with Yunchan Lim's recital. To enhance its brand trust and competitiveness, TOURVIS plans

to continue collaborating with various artists to create unique packages and consistently release cultural travel

products centered around music, art, and sports.

Jeong-du Han, Team Lead of TOURVIS Package Service Team, stated, "TOURVIS is always attentive to emerging

cultural trends. Culture and travel complement each other, creating greater values together. In the future,

TOURVIS will continue to develop exclusively themed products, such as premium travel packages linked to

classical performances like Yunchan Lim's recital, and explore various perspectives for business transformation."




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