[Press Release] TOURVIS Collaborates with Youtube Channel ‘Jeongwaja’ for Universal Studios Japan

TOURVIS Collaborates with Popular Youtube Channel ‘Changing Majors/Jeongwaja’ for Universal Studios Japan Exclusive Event

-     Supporting the production of Changing Majors/Jeongwaja, a popular YouTube channel with 1.5 million subscribers

-     Exclusive event of TOURVIS X Universal Studios Japan X Changing Majors/Jeongwaja until June 30th

-     The first travel agency in Korea to offer services of Entrance Time Selection for Popular Attractions at Universal Studios Japan

-      Prize draw event for round-trip flight to Osaka + Universal Studios Japan entrance ticket / pass package

-      Receiving a 2,000 JPY dining & shopping voucher upon purchase of Universal Studios Japan entrance / pass tickets

-      SNS sharing event after Express Pass Test in Changing Majors/Jeongwaja

TOURVIS, an online travel platform, will support the production of the Osaka edition of the popular Youtube

program, ‘Changing Majors/Jeongwaja’ and hold various events related to Universal Studios Japan, which is

featured in the content.

TOURVIS x Universal Studios Japan x Jeongwaja_Osaka

TOURVIS, official partner of Universal Studios Japan, is the first Korean travel brand to introduce services

enabling the selection of entrance time at popular attractions. In addition to this service, the brand has gained

high popularity by Osaka travelers for its Express Pass Testing, 24-hour consultation service and more.

'Jeongwaja' or ‘Changing Majors’ is a trending Youtube channel with 1.5 million subscribers and an average of

3 million views, with content that includes experience in various majors, including to the Police Administration

Department at Dongguk University, the Practical Music Department at Howon University, Companion Animal

Health at Yeonsung University, Thai Language at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Fire Safety Management at Kyungmin University, and Aerospace Engineering at KAIST.  

TOURVIS collaborated with the popular YouTube Channel to efficiently deliver Universal Studios Japan related

services to its customers. In the episode, which will be updated on May 9th, you can see not only their enjoyment of Universal Studios Japan, but also various information and promotions from TOURVIS, such as the "Express Pass Test" for personalized ticket purchases, tips on purchasing related products, and how to use vouchers.

Special Prize Event Including Airfare + Ticket Package, 2000 JPY voucher

Along with the opening of ‘Jeongwaja’ EP54, TOURVIS has also organized exclusive events to help viewers enjoy

the trip in the video. First, from May 9th to June 6th, there will be an attendance event with a chance to win an

all-inclusive package to Universal Studios Japan. The prize includes round-trip airfare to Osaka, Universal Studios admission tickets, and Express Passes, and regardless of their purchases, participants will be able to enter the

sweepstakes daily.

Secondly, TOURVIS is providing dining & shopping vouchers of 2,000 JPY that can be used at Universal Studios

Japan. Until June 30th, TOURVIS will give these vouchers with the purchase of two or more Universal Studios

Japan admission tickets and Express Pass tickets (4, 7).

The final event is an SNS sharing event for those who experience the Express Pass Test featured in ‘Jeongwaja’.

Universal Express Japan is a large theme park that offers a wide range of ticket options for its various attractions and photo zones. When customers are unsure about the ticket types, this test can be useful. After sharing the

test results on Instagram, participants can enter a draw for Starbucks gift cards. TOURVIS is expecting a high

number of participants for this unique event, offering a vivid experience of the video content.


Jun-hyung Jo, Team Lead of TOURVIS's Tour & Activity Team, stated, "This promotion was planned to provide

customers with a more diverse and innovative travel experience through collaboration with popular Youtube

channels and the adoption of new marketing strategies. The collaboration is a good example of creating new

value by combining cultural content with travel products, and we will continue to expand cooperation in various

fields to provide even more enjoyment and benefits in the future."


Detailed information and participation methods for Universal Studios Japan travel packages and events with

'Jeongwaja' can be found the TOURVIS website at (https://www.tourvis.com) or app.


*TOURVIS (www.tourvis.com)

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provides worldwide airline, hotel, tour and ticket products through a strong network of direct local contracts and partnerships. Through differentiated technology TOURVIS aims to provide best in class products and services to

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* TOURVIS's NDC (New Distribution Capability) Certification acquired in 2018-2019 was renamed as ARM INDEX in

November 2021